Most Spoken Languages (Bundle)

  • Top 5 world languages
  • Common phrases & business terms
  • Communicate with 3.5 billion people



80% of all conversations are based on 20% of the language.

We have hand-selected 10 courses from the top 5 languages spoken in the world to get communicating with almost half of the planet’s population!

With a little determination, commitment, and motivation to learn a little every day, you will be able to have useful conversations with people from China, India, the Middle East, Europe, South America, and all English speaking countries. Just imagine the endless possibilities!

Chinese (Speakers 1.3 billion) – China’s strong economic growth, makes learning Mandarin Chinese a potentially great return on investment.

English (Speakers 1.5 billion) – English, considered the lingua franca, is the most powerful and widely spoken language.

Spanish (Speakers 400 million) – Spain, Argentina, Mexico, Chile, Peru, Venezuela are just a few countries where you will be able to put your Spanish skills to use.

Arabic (Speakers 440 million) – The language is widely spoken in over 25 countries, many of which have a major influence on the global economy.

Hindi (Speakers 500 million) – The Indian culture has had an impact on the world through its language, religion, cuisine, rich cultural diversity, and philosophy.

How the Bundle Will Help You?

You will have the unique opportunity to learn the fundamentals of five languages that have the biggest impact; socially and economically. Even basic knowledge in these in-demand languages can set you apart. The language bundle can also be used as a stepping stone to dive deeper into one or more of the five languages.

Course Specifications

You will learn Business and American English as well as everyday words and phrases in Chinese, Spanish, Arabic, and Hindi. You will be introduced to key phrases for business travel, negotiation, sales, agreements, contracts, and more.

Best value: Individually courses are for $24.99 (a total of $249.99) but purchase all 10 as a bundle for only $59.99!

The courses consist of practical content and text, interactive cards, and quizzes. It is a self-paced program available 24/7. You gain lifetime access to your courses and can learn at your own pace on any device. By purchasing the ‘Most Spoken Languages’ bundle, you also contribute back to society.

Benefits of Taking This Bundle

Our exclusive bundle course is perfect for anyone who would like to learn new languages to benefit their career/business and to build better and stronger relationships.

  • Increase business opportunities locally and internationally
  • Expand your social network
  • Gain a better understanding of different languages and cultures
  • Set yourself apart in the workforce and gain a competitive advantage
  • Access your courses on any device and learn anywhere, anytime
  • Add foreign language skills on your resume


No previous knowledge or experience required.

Estimated Course Duration

up to 100 hours (depending on your pace)


A personalized certificate to add to your resume or share on social media is issued on completion of each course.

The ‘Most Spoken Languages’ bundle includes a total of 10 courses plus quizzes and flashcards.

Example Certificate

Cudoo Certificate Sample


Course features:

Full Lifetime Access

Available on Web

Certificate of completion