Medical Secretary Diploma

Leanr all about being responsible for taking appointments and ensuring you provide the doctor with the backup that they need to provide the best level of patient care on a daily basis.


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Medical Secretary Diploma

A medical secretary is a very important person in any practice in the United Kingdom. You are the first point of contact for a patient, you are responsible for taking appointments and ensuring you provide the doctor with the backup that they need to provide the best level of patient care on a daily basis. You may have a passion for caring for people, you may want to try a different avenue in your career or you may be looking for a chance to put your organisational skills to the test.

Introduction to Medical Secretary Diploma

The medical secretary diploma is an information packed course designed to provide you with valuable insights, information and skills you will need to complete your job on a daily basis in the medical industry. This course is studied online using any device, as long as you have access to the internet. The benefit to this is that you can study from anywhere at any time.

Due to the fact that you study this diploma online, you can study at your own pace and can choose to study full time at home and complete the course within days or you can work full time, study in the evenings and take your time to complete the course and pass the test with ease and confidence.

During your study experience, you will have access to online support. In addition to this, all your modules will be available to you 24/7. This means if you ever want to revisit the course and refresh your memory, you will be able to go back and enjoy each module all over again with ease.

Once you have successfully completed the course, you will need to pass the multiple choice test and on passing you will be able to download and print your certificate immediately. What you will enjoy is that all certificates are verifiable and potential employers can visit the website and type in the certificate number to confirm your credentials.

What you will learn

This course will provide you with the knowledge and insight you need to secure a secretarial position in the medical industry. If you are looking for a new avenue to use your skills or you are looking for a career that will provide you with a rewarding experience, then you may want to read on to identify what you can learn by completing the medical secretary diploma online.

  • Identify what a medical secretary does, what your duties will entail each day, the job profile and the attributes needed.
  • Get insider tips on how to manage appointment bookings, why scheduling is so important, setting reminders and more.
  • Learn the filing systems used in medical offices, tips to setting up an effective filing system, along with the different filing systems you may choose to use to make your day more productive.
  • Understand the importance of patient confidentiality. This module will give you an insight into patient confidentiality and what it involves, along with the difference between patient confidentiality and patient privacy.
  • Learn the importance of medical records. In this module you will learn the purpose and benefits that medical records provide.
  • Identify the different medical jargon and terminology so that you are not left behind.
  • Learn about the information technology used in the medical profession along with basic computer use to electronic prescriptions, patient registrations and more.
  • Get an understanding on why information technology is so important in the medical profession.
  • Learn management for medical records.
  • Understand the importance of health and safety in the workplace.
  • Learn about supplies and inventory management.
  • Identify what communication skills you will need to be an effective medical secretary.


This medical secretary diploma is guaranteed to provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to manage your career effectively. This course will provide you with a host of benefits, these include:

  • Study online at your own pace and in your own time.
  • Study using any device – computer, laptop, tablet or phone.
  • Industry recognised certificate issued on successful completion and passing of the course.
  • Certificate is verifiable.
  • The course is broken into easy to learn and manage modules which are brimming with essential and useful information.
  • Lifetime access to modules.
  • Online support during studies.

Example Certificate

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Course features:

10 hours

Full Lifetime Access

Available on Web

Certificate of completion