Advanced Microsoft Excel Certification Course

Learn Excel formulas, and how to use them to get information.


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Microsoft Excel Advanced Course

Please Note: This course uses the Windows version of Microsoft Office 2016. Any other versions will have some differences in the functions.

The MS Excel Advanced Course is the longest and the most comprehensive of the three Excel courses presented here. However, if you have successfully passed the beginner and the intermediate courses, you should consider yourself fully prepared to begin the advanced course.

Formulas, or functions, are what advanced users of Excel want from this tool. When one uses formulas, not only can they see the data they require for their work, they can also analyse it and get answers to very complex questions. Though any person with a small amount of Excel knowledge can use formulas, such as SUM, a user who has advanced Excel skills will use other formulas, both alone and combined, such as MATCH, INDEX, DSUM and VLOOKUP. In addition to knowing these formulas, those who are advanced users of Excel know how to debug these formulas, how to audit them, and how to choose the perfect formula for the occasion.

What you will learn

Some of the concepts that you will learn in the MS Excel Advance Course include the following:

  • VLOOKUP Advanced formula options and manipulations
  • Other advanced functions including OR, AND, CHOOSE, INDIRECT, REPLACE, LEN, LEFT, FIND
  • Colouring a column and row with a formula
  • Highlighting a cell with a formula
  • Functions including DGET, DMAX, DPRODUCT, DCOUNTA, DCOUNT and DSUM
  • How to calculate depreciation in Excel, including SLN depreciation and SYD depreciation
  • Calculating loan IPMT and EMI
  • Full explanation of the INDEX and MATCH functions, covering several modules
  • Looking up data
  • Selecting only cells containing comments
  • Hiding formulas
  • Automatically inserting serial numbers

As you can see, the information you will get from the MS Excel Advanced Course will fully prepare you for virtually any career path, including those that require advanced skills with this software. Once you complete the advanced course, you will have access to the full functionality of Excel, and will know how to use all formulas, functions, and capabilities. Though this course is the longest and most involved of the three, once you complete it, you will have the knowledge and skills that most can only dream of.

This course opens with a focus on the VLOOKUP formula, and several modules teach students how to use this function in their work. The course continues with modules on the OR and AND commands, and then focuses on other functions, such as REPLACE, LEN, LEFT and FIND.

You will also learn about calculating depreciation, calculating interest, and even calculating IPMT and EMI for loans, all by using Excel functions. Additionally, the course features information on INDEX and MATCH functions, which is extremely important in certain industries and positions. The course also shows students how to use the CHOOSE formula, and how to create special charts. Finally, the course will show how to automatically enter serial numbers and perform extremely advanced functions.

The advanced Excel course is designed for power users. The general population would not use the information contained within this course, but there are some features taught in the advanced course that can make your Excel usage easier. However, it is recommended that those who take this Excel course continue with the advanced course for a number of reasons. First, getting more knowledge about Excel can help you to master the beginner and intermediate concepts. Additionally, no one has ever lost anything by having more knowledge. You might find that knowing this information will help you in the future, too, as you never know when the organisation you work for might require the services of an Excel expert. These people are paid quite well, and are an invaluable addition to most companies.

Too many people believe that advanced Excel concepts are only useful for those who are interested in programming or concepts such as financial modelling. This, however, is not totally true. The actual truth is that the information contained within this course could be the key to your next promotion or your next job.

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