Drug and Alcohol Awareness Diploma

Gain important information about how to identify addiction in themselves and others, as well as tools to support recovery.


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Drug and Alcohol Addiction Awareness Diploma

This course gives you everything you need to know about drug and alcohol addiction awareness. At the conclusion of this course, participants have the tools they require to address this complex, sensitive and difficult issue.

This drug and alcohol addiction awareness course covers many topics related to drug and alcohol use, misuse and addiction. We have developed this course to give students important information about how to identify addiction in themselves and others, as well as tools to support recovery.

Throughout the course, students are provided with instruction, tips and techniques for understanding the reasons behind drug and alcohol abuse, giving them the ability to treat these issues with empathy and diplomacy. The course also covers the importance of developing a workplace drug and alcohol policy, as well as providing tips on how to create a comprehensive one. Students of this course further learn about the myths, misconceptions and legal facts surrounding drug and alcohol use.

At the conclusion of the course, students receive a diploma, proving they have successfully completed each module.

What You Will Learn

This course was designed to give students a total overview of this subject area.

Here’s what the course covers:

  • The prevalence of drug and alcohol abuse throughout the UK
  • Information about the types of alcohol and its effects on the body
  • The signs of alcohol abuse and how to seek treatment
  • Information about the types of drugs commonly abused, including over-the-counter and prescription medication
  • How to identify drug abuse in yourself and loved ones
  • Popular and dangerous myths and misconceptions about drug and alcohol use
  • The reasons why workplaces should focus on developing drug and alcohol awareness among all staff members
  • How to create a drug and alcohol policy that is easy-to-understand
  • Tools and tips on dealing with addiction in the workplace
  • Information on how to reduce the risk of alcohol and drug abuse for your staff members

Benefits of the Drug and Alcohol Awareness Course

This drug and alcohol addiction awareness course includes the following benefits:

  • An affordable course that gives you the tools you need to understand this highly complex issue
  • A curriculum that is easy to understand, divided into 10 complete modules
  • The achievement of feeling confident when dealing with issues related to drug and alcohol abuse
  • The ability to identify problematic behaviours in yourself and others before they become worse
  • Learn how to manage addiction in the workplace
  • The ability to study from any location with an internet connection
  • Learn the material at any time and at your own pace
  • Lifetime access to the course – no deadlines
  • Obtain a recognised certification when completing the course, which will improve your career prospects

Example Certificate

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Course features:

15 hours

Full Lifetime Access

Available on Web

Certificate of completion