The Complete HR Basics Diploma

The Complete HR Basics Diploma


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The Complete HR Basics Diploma

HR professionals oversee and monitor employees from appointment to termination. They are also responsible for producing and maintaining records that ensure compliance with legislation around recruitment and equality at work.

This bundle will equip you with the knowledge and skills you need to retain workplace talent, handle grievances, prevent discrimination and safeguard confidential information about your employees.

What You Will Learn

This combined course includes the following:

  • Costs & Causes Of Employee Turnover Certificate
  • Disability Awareness Certification
  • Hiring For A Diverse Workforce Certificate
  • HR: Creating An Employee Handbook Certificate
  • HR: Protecting Confidentiality Certificate
  • HR: Working With Vendors Certificate
  • Human Capital Management Certificate
  • Preventing Workplace Discrimination Certificate
  • Retaining Your Best People Certificate
  • Sexual Harassment Awareness Certificate

Costs & Causes Of Employee Turnover Certificate

This course provides an overview of the different types of turnover, how HR professionals can measure turnover and the relationship between turnover and a business recruitment strategy.

You will learn the factors underlying turnover and how HR departments can minimise it by putting into place by fine-tuning their recruitment procedures. You will also discover how an organisation’s culture impacts employee turnover rate.

Disability Awareness Certificate

People with disabilities often encounter prejudice and discrimination in the workplace, despite the fact that many have experience and qualifications that would benefit many organisations.

In this course, you will learn the importance of creating a workplace that is welcoming to people with disabilities. You will learn how to ensure that they are given the right tools and opportunities to carry out their tasks at work.

Hiring For A Diverse Workforce Certificate

Hiring people from a range of backgrounds promotes innovation and can improve a company’s reputation as a welcoming, inclusive place to work.

You will begin by learning about diversity in practice and how businesses can tailor their recruitment processes in order to attract a more diverse workforce. You will also learn about the merits of putting into place a diversity policy and how to retain a diverse workforce.

HR: Creating An Employee Handbook Certificate

The purpose of an employee handbook is to provide workers with a comprehensive outline of their duties and responsibilities in the workplace.

This course will take you step-by-step through the process of drawing up an employee handbook. You will learn what kind of information you should include, who you should consult when creating it and why you may need to seek legal advice.

HR: Protecting Confidentiality Certificate

HR professionals have to handle and protect confidential information on a frequent basis. The consequences of a data breach can be disastrous; non-compliance with the law can result in prosecution.

You will learn about the UK data law that you must observe when handling sensitive information at work and how you can ensure that only those who need to access information can do so. You will learn about the role of non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) in protecting your organisation and discover how to keep files safe.

HR: Working With Vendors Certificate

An organisation depends on its vendors for high-quality products that keep its operations running, so it’s crucial to understand how to find the right vendor.

This course will guide you through the practicalities associated with finding the best vendor for your needs, how to negotiate a contract that benefits all parties and how to deal with any disputes or concerns regarding invoices.

Human Capital Management Certificate

A disengaged workforce will soon put an organisation at a disadvantage in the marketplace. In this course, you will learn the relationship between HR and HCM, and how they support one another.

You will discover best HCM practices that apply across all industries and across all stages of the employee cycle. The course addresses the factors that motivate employees to reach their full potential, how to write and implement effective policies and how to lead a productive workforce.

Preventing Workplace Discrimination Certificate

Discrimination in the workplace is rife across all sectors. It has a serious effect on both individuals and organisations, resulting in stress, depression, high turnover and low public opinion.

This course provides an overview of the ways in which employers can change their working environment and procedures to create a workplace that is safe and welcoming for all. You will learn about the laws surrounding discrimination and what you should do if you witness an incident at work.

Retaining Your Best People Certificate

Businesses that retain their most talented employees are at a competitive advantage. Unfortunately, many organisations suffer high turnover rates, which can damage their profits and reputation.

This course outlines the reasons employees leave their roles and how an employer can keep them satisfied at work. It provides an overview of three key ways employers can promote engagement at work, thus improving staff retention rates.

Sexual Harassment Awareness Certificate

Approximately half of UK women have experienced sexual harassment at work. Men can also be victims. It is the responsibility of both an employer and their employees to ensure that harassment is dealt with swiftly.

This course outlines what sexual harassment is, along with its consequences. You will learn what the law says in relation to harassment and your rights and responsibilities when it comes to preventing it.

The Benefits of Our HR Basics Bundle

  • This bundle will also be of interest to established HR professionals interested in refreshing their skills or furthering their knowledge of the latest legislation and best practice
  • If you are looking to start a career in HR, this bundle will give you a useful overview of key HR issues
  • If you run a small business and do not have a designated HR department, this bundle will help you meet your obligations under the law and treat all employees in an equitable, professional manner
  • The material in these courses will be of interest to those with a professional or personal interest in human capital management, equality, diversity and organisational psychology
  • These courses might also be of interest to employees who wish to learn more about their rights and responsibilities at work

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