Conducting Rewarding Meetings Certificate

Understand how to utilise specific methods, processes and attitudes to take meetings from being just a gathering of people, towards being a powerful tool for business success.


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Conducting Rewarding Meetings Certificate

Conducting effective and engaging meetings offers many rewards: increasing productivity, maximising time usage and generating the quality decision, clear directions and detailed instructions required to reach business goals. Learning how to plan, facilitate and direct meetings keeps your team on track and will save huge amounts of energy and resources which naturally equate to significant cost savings.

This course has been created for leaders, employers, employees and anyone else interested in conducting highly effective and productive meetings. This course gets to the very bottom of what you need to know and has been written in a simple, straightforward way, organised into modules that cover the key themes needed to truly maximise the time spent in this vital collaborative effort. The information in this course is based on scientific research and has been practically applied, tried and tested in real life business settings and used by businesses and organisations to accomplish their goals.

To get the most from meetings, it is necessary to understand how to utilise specific methods, processes and attitudes to take meetings from being just a gathering of people, towards being a powerful tool for business success. The course contains illustrated examples of the concepts, tools and techniques needed and helps you practically apply the knowledge through exercises, tests and worksheets.

What You Will Learn

  • Understand what an efficient meeting is and the elements needed to ensure success
  • Be an effective meeting leader who can prepare an optimised and effective agenda
  • Manage different types of meetings and discover which ones suit your needs the best
  • Create the conducive environment necessary for enhanced participation fostering open discussions
  • Identify and centre meetings around a clear purpose and objective to measure meeting success
  • Continually improve and refine meetings with targeted feedback mechanisms
  • Learn how to assertively and effectively communicate during meetings
  • Identify and negate disruptive influences and personalities
  • Manage time and ensure effective delegation and task management
  • Identify gaps in your own knowledge and skills to ensure continued growth and development

The knowledge and information this course offers can be used by any business to increase operational efficiency and train meeting leaders in the tools and methods needed to succeed. Meeting leaders will learn how to maximise results, enhance participation, improve decision making, minimise waste and transform the effectiveness of time spent together.

Benefits of the Conducting Rewarding Meetings Certificate course

When you earn your certificate in Conducting Rewarding Meetings, you will find a number of benefits including the following:

  • Flexibility to study whenever and wherever you choose.
  • The ability to work to your own schedule. There is no time limit for this course, so whether it takes you days or months, it doesn’t matter.
  • You can use any internet-enabled device, such as a PC, mobile phone or tablet to access the course.
  • Easily access online support while you take the course, which allows you to stay on track at all times.
  • Get the knowledge you require by following the comprehensive syllabus.
  • Improve your work performance as soon as you begin the course by applying what you learn immediately.
  • Access to a course that is affordable and beneficial; a good investment into your future.

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Course features:

10 hours

Full Lifetime Access

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