Payroll Diploma

Get access to all the knowledge, tools and skills you need to complete payroll in an effective manner.


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Payroll Diploma Course

Are you currently working in the accounts department and you want to fast track your career and want to be more productive for your team and company? Do you own your own company and are hiring employees for the first time and you now have to learn the rules and regulations involved in payroll? This course will provide you with all the knowledge, tools and skills you need to complete payroll in an effective manner.

Introduction to the Payroll Course

This payroll course is broken down into twenty three information packed modules which are designed to provide you with all the essential tools and knowledge you need to complete payroll in an effective and orderly fashion at all times.

The course is offered online, which enables you to study at your own pace and in your own time using any device connected to the internet. You can study using your computer at home or your laptop, or you can choose to use your tablet or phone, as long as you have an internet connection.

The payroll course comes with a certification on successful completion, which is not only industry recognised, but it is also verifiable. This enables potential employers to confirm your credentials and hire you with complete confidence.

You will have two chances to complete the test and pass. In the event you do fail the multiple choice test the first time, you will be given a second opportunity to revisit the modules and then take the test again. Remember, you will have lifetime access to the learning modules for added convenience.

What you will learn

This course is brimming with useful and valuable information for you to learn and start using. The course is designed to provide you with insight that you can start incorporating into your work without delay. Some of the things you can expect to learn when completing the payroll course include:

  • Get an understanding of what payroll systems are and why you need one.
  • Learn the basics of payroll systems. What you need to know, errors and the importance of communication.
  • Identify the payroll systems in the United Kingdom. What to include and working with HMRC.
  • Understand that you need to run an efficient payroll system. Staff training, reviews and record keeping plus so much more.
  • Get insight on how employees starting and leaving the business impacts payroll. This module will give you insight into what to do, P45’s and time keeping.
  • Learn how to deal with HMRC when it comes to new employees, what information HMRC will need from you and how to ensure you pay the employee the correct amount each month or week.
  • Learn how to calculate gross and net pay. This module will teach you the difference between gross and net pay, how to calculate them and why you need wage slips for each employee.
  • Understand the different deductions you need to know about to come to net pay amounts.
  • Get insight into what is statutory pay, how long does an employee qualify, record keeping and reporting to HMRC.
  • Learn about the national minimum wage based on age groups.
  • Get an understanding of the national insurance contribution systems. This module includes why we pay, the different rates, employer contributions and more.
  • Learn how to manage the online PAYE system.
  • Identify what the employment allowance is.
  • Understand retirement schemes.
  • Learn the different programs available for payroll.
  • Tips to correct payroll errors.
  • Understand the importance of annual reporting.


There are so many benefits of completing this payroll course, these include:

  • Fast track your career.
  • Gain insight into managing your own payroll within the United Kingdom.
  • Know what you need to have an effective payroll system in place.
  • Study online at your own pace and using any device.
  • Enjoy the convenience of information packed modules.
  • Industry recognised certification on successful completion, which is also verifiable online.
  • Comprehensive syllabus complete with online support.
  • Lifetime access to modules to revisit and refresh whenever you wish.

Example Certificate

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Course features:

15 hours

Full Lifetime Access

Available on Web

Certificate of completion