Learn Hawaiian Language Online – Level 1

Learn Hawaiian, and say aloha to the language of the stunning islands of Hawaii


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In recent years, the Hawaiian language is becoming increasingly popular as a second language for people to learn. It is now within everyone’s reach to learn Hawaiian online. It is officially referred to as ʻŌlelo Hawaiʻi and is a Polynesian language that was once only spoken by a small number of people. When Hawaii was territorialized by the U.S.A, in 1899, only a group of 2000 people of native descent spoken Hawaiian. It was a unique language that wasn’t a form of communication for the elderly generation present in the Hawaiian state during those times. However, after almost 100 years, Hawaiian became the official language of the state in 1978. Currently, around 8000 speakers speak Hawaiian, only emphasizing how unique it is to know the language. Until now, Hawaiian language courses were tough to access but thanks to technology, you can learn Hawaiian online from the comfort of your own home.

Hawaii stands as an amalgamation of islands near the Pacific Ocean with beautiful beaches and long ranges of hills for people to explore. There are multiple resorts now open to the public where you can make a booking to kick back and relax. Hawaii is also a popular spot for conferences as it allows people to get together for work in a laid back environment.

If you want to gain everything out of your next trip to Hawaii then you should definitely pick up the language! Start learning Hawaiian online today!


One of the oldest living languages, Hawaiian is one of the few that are still spoken widely and recognized officially. Although many expected the language to be extinct by the 20th Century, such was not the case.

Before 1778, Hawaiian was mainly an oral language. But it was recorded for the first time then by Captain Cook and his men. Soon after, when the missionaries visited Hawaii, they began they transformed Hawaiian into a written language in order to spread the message of the Bible. In 1826, the Hawaiian alphabet was also created.

Why Hawaiian? 

One of the reasons why you should learn Hawaiian is because it’s reasonably easy to learn. A lot of the time, residents in Hawaii mix their language with English so it doesn’t require a lot of focus on your part.

Secondly, Hawaiian is a very interesting language because, at face value, the words seem simple. One such word is Aloha. A common understanding is that Aloha means ‘hello’. However, it represents love and respect, sharing bonds through the “Aloha spirit.”

Why should you opt for a language course, specifically an online one?

Learning a new language has its own benefits but essentially it opens your world to diversity and allows you to reach out and experience multitudes of the world around you. Hawaiian language courses were out of reach until technology made it easy for us to bring them to you.

An online course serves the purpose to provide you with exactly what you want within the comfort of your own home. You can take the lessons wherever you want without disrupting your already busy schedule. Furthermore, online courses are affordable ways of learning compared to taking up language classes in a physical location.

Course Range:

By the end of this course, you will learn to meet and greet using Hawaiian fluently. Furthermore, the course will help you count from 0 to 20, ask basic questions, order food at restaurants and get by in Hawaii to make new friends with locals easily. Enroll to learn Hawarrian online (level 1), starting today!

Course Features

  • Lifetime access via web or mobile
  • Over 20 interactive lessons
  • Assessment
  • Certification upon completion

Enroll to start learning Hawaiian (Level 1) today!

Course Content




Greetings of the Day


Please and thank you


I don’t understand






Countries Part 2


Countries Part 3


Numbers 0 – 10


Numbers 11 – 20


Where are you from?


What is the telephone number?




What’s this called?








What would you like to drink?


General food


In the kitchen

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