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Data Protection in the Workplace

Data protection is a very important aspect of almost every workplace. Regardless of industry, most companies have some personal data or sensitive data regarding each one of their customers and employees. Learning how to create a robust data protection policy as well as the best practices you should use when dealing with private data is the best way to ensure compliance with the Data Protection Act.

This course provides a comprehensive overview of data protection requirements in the workplace. The course begins by giving a general overview of data protection, its benefits, and key facts about the Data Protection Act. The course also goes over how to put together a data protection policy for your company as well as letting you know how to respond to information requests.

You Will Learn:

  • Information about the Data Protection Act, including the rights afforded to individuals and the responsibilities conferred onto organisations
  • The conditions that are attached to the gathering, processing, and maintenance of data
  • What is required of your company if you want to share data with other branches in your organisation
  • The four essential aspects of data security
  • How to develop an ideal data protection policy that meets your organisation’s needs
  • The steps you should take to handle requests for information from individuals

Benefits of Taking This Course

  • Learning about the Data Protection Act and the benefits of compliance
  • Gaining insight into the rights extended to individuals under the Data Protection Act regarding the handling of their personal and sensitive data
  • Understanding the obligations organisations must meet if they want to collect, use, and maintain personal or sensitive data
  • Acquiring information about how to properly share data with others inside your organisation without violating the act
  • Gaining important information about the development of a comprehensive data protection policy

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3 hours

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