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Become more assertive in everything you do each and every day



Assertiveness Training Course

Being assertive can help you achieve your goals. Assertiveness is a confident behaviour which can help you in many avenues of your life. You can learn how to become more assertive on a daily basis, changing behaviours to ensure you are more confident at all times.

This online training course will deliver insight, information, tips and advice on how to become more assertive, helping to boost your confidence. This course is accessible online and is easy to understand, providing you with all you need to know.

Introduction to the Assertiveness Training Course

This course is broken down into five information packed modules. The modules each focus on an element of assertiveness to help you start introducing these new elements into your life without delay. You can study at your own pace, taking a few days to complete it or a few months, depending on your schedule.

During the course you will have access to online support, as well as having lifetime access to your course modules, enabling you to go back and visit them at any time.

On successful completion of the course, you will be awarded with a certificate, which you can choose to download and print for instant access or you can have it printed and posted to you. All certificates can be verified online from the website, which enables potential employers to check credentials with complete confidence.

What you Will Learn

This course is full of valuable advice giving you all the tools you need to become more assertive in everything you do each and every day. Assertiveness can be an effective tool both in the workplace and in your personal life. Some of the things you can expect to learn include:

  • Learn what assertiveness is
  • Identify the difference between assertive, aggressive and passive behaviours
  • How assertiveness can help you in your career
  • Why it’s such a valuable asset in any workplace
  • Effective tips on using assertiveness
  • How to achieve productive relationships
  • How to overcome a flawed thinking process
  • Understand assertive and persuasive communications
  • How to use body language to show confidence
  • Learn how to listen effectively
  • Acquire useful and highly effective questioning techniques
  • Gain influencing techniques
  • Know how to plan your behaviour in order to be assertive
  • Useful toolkit and more


Assertiveness is so beneficial, especially in the workplace. Taking this online training course to help you become more effective can provide you with a wealth of benefits, these include:

  • Course material available online, giving you access to your learning modules at any time of the day or night
  • Study at your own pace
  • Coursework compatible with most devices
  • Online support throughout your learning experience
  • The course is broken into easy to manage modules
  • Lifetime access to modules, enabling you to revisit modules as and when you need to
  • Improve productivity in the workplace
  • Certification which can be verified online
  • Affordable price

Example Certificate

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Course features:

5 hours

Full Lifetime Access

Available on Web

Certificate of completion