Russia is one of the biggest players in the world economy and is naturally blessed with its’ vast geography and breathtaking landscapes. Some of the world’s richest sub-cultures in music and movies, art and literature, extreme sports and martial arts as well and delicious cuisine come out of Russia. Learning Russian opens the doors to all Russia has to offer and increases your confidence in dealing with a Russian speaker.

Our Russian online courses are designed to get you speaking in a considerably less amount of time. If you are travelling in and around Russian, then it makes sense to brush up the basics with our starter pack ‘Learn Russian Online – (Basic Phrases)’ course to make your journey even more enriching.

Check out our:

Learn Russian Online – Level 1: If you are looking to build a basic foundation for social conversations, shopping and getting by in Russia easily.

Learn Business Russian Online: If you are looking to work or do business in Russia. In this course not only will you learn to set up and conduct business meetings, but you’ll also familiarize yourself with marketing & advertising, and eCommerce, etc. in fluent Russian.

Due to the growing demand in the sector, we also offer Russian online courses specific to the Retail and the Hospitality Industry.

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