Data Analysis Certificate Course Online for Beginners

Gain a broad introduction to the field of data analysis, helping you put it into practice as soon as possible.


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Data Analysis Certificate

Data is everywhere, and it is becoming an increasingly important part of working life, regardless of industry or position. Making sense of this information and using it to your benefit involves data analysis.

Everyone from the CEO to members of the marketing department depend on this type of analysis, as it can provide direction to your company, helping you to better meet your business goals.

Data analysis is a very complex field, requiring a broad range of knowledge, including computer modelling and statistics. Learning the basics behind data analysis is the best place to start, making the field seem less overwhelming and helping you benefit from data analysis sooner.

This course gives you a broad introduction to the field of data analysis, helping you put it into practice as soon as possible.

We begin by providing definitions of key terms, ensuring that you understand them in the context of information gathering and processing.

Next, we discuss the recommended data analysis model, giving you step-by-step instructions.

Best practices are reviewed next, giving you general tips on how to process the best data.

Finally, we review the use of software, to assist you in this process.

You will Learn:

  • The definitions of data and analysis within a business context
  • The seven steps that are involved in the data collection/analysis process
  • The importance of hiring a highly skilled and qualified team
  • The top three tips for working with business data
  • How to effectively use Microsoft Excel for analysis purposes

Benefits of Taking this Course

  • Learning why data analysis is crucial to a company’s success
  • Learning when to outline your goals and metrics
  • Understanding how much data you should obtain and from what type of sources
  • Finding out how to handle raw data and what steps you need to take, to ensure accuracy
  • Learning how to activate the Analysis ToolPak contained in Microsoft Excel

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Course features:

1 hour

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