Dealing with Difficult People and Situations Certificate

Learn how to face the inevitable challenges that arise between individuals with the best tools and knowledge at their disposal.


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Handling Difficult People and Situations

Difficult people cost businesses hundreds of billions of pounds every year. Learning how to deal with difficult people therefore, is not just a necessary business move to protect your bottom line, it presents an untapped opportunity to dramatically increase your revenue. Furthermore, it also offers powerful interpersonal skills that will help you interact with people in all areas of life.

Understanding why people act in a difficult manner and how to resolve the problems they create improves morale, productivity and contributes to a professional work environment. When difficult people create conflicts, it arises from their basic human needs being unfulfilled. Learning how to communicate needs and have them met is the key to dealing with difficult people. This course will show you exactly how.

This course has been designed for employers and employees of businesses who want to face the inevitable challenges that arise between individuals with the best tools and knowledge at their disposal. The course content will teach you all the skills you need to successfully handle difficult people and situations for the best possible outcome.

The knowledge and information contained in this course is accessible and clear. The contents have been informed by scientifically validated research based studies. This course contains deeply insightful information and strategies to deal with difficult people, and exercises, tests and worksheets for you to experiment with and apply what you learn at your own pace.

What you will learn

You will learn how to:

  • Understand human needs and their influence on behaviour
  • Use communication skills to reduce conflicts in the workplace
  • Recognise and minimise disruptive workplace behaviour
  • Recognise the factors that promote and hinder productivity
  • Recognise the characteristics of difficult people
  • Deal with difficult people with effective solutions
  • Identify the sources of difficult behaviour
  • Identify the most common difficult personality traits and how to deal with them
  • Focus on the solution (rather than the problem) to deal with difficult people

The skills and knowledge contained within this course are applicable to any business or organisation and will empower you to confidently deal with the most difficult of situations for the best possible outcomes.

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Course features:

7 hours

Full Lifetime Access

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