French Language Course Online with Certificate (Bundle)

Gain a better understanding of the French culture and connect better with your partner, children or parent who speaks French already.



Why Should You Learn the French Language?

The history of the French language is intriguing. Studying French can help you relate to the many regions across the globe that have French as their official language and not just with France’s rich heritage that is a pioneer in literature, cuisine, and economics. English has also been influenced by French vocabulary and grammar.

It belongs to the family of romance languages and can be traced back to Latin and other ancient linguistic influences.

French speakers have an imperative contribution to history, and now the online french language course presents you the opportunity to learn the language and connect with native speakers all over the world. French cultural heritage has inspired more of our world’s knowledge and mastering French as a second language helps you develop skills that will be useful for employment or travel.

The time has arrived to fulfil your aspirations of reading your personal favorites in their native context or pursuing a French cookery lesson!

Emphasize Popular French Phrases

Phrases are easier to recall as they have context and narrative and convey a tale. By emphasizing common phrases, you’ll be able to memorize the most commonly used French terms, create sentences, speak and understand other French phrases, and participate in discussions.

Cudoo offers the best online course to learn French that will enhance your vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation within a short period.

Course Specifications

The courses consist of videos, text, interactive cards, and quizzes. It is a self-paced program available 24/7. You will have lifetime access to our courses and can learn at your own pace on any device.

What Will You Learn?

  • The French letters and alphabet
  • How to pronounce things properly in French
  • Conversational phrases and words
  • Difference between feminine and masculine words
  • Speaking about time, days, weeks and months
  • Talk about food and drinks
  • and much more!

Benefits of Taking This Bundle

Our French course bundle is suited for anyone wanting to learn the French language.

  • Gain a better understanding of the French culture
  • Connect better with your partner, children or parent who speaks French already
  • Expand your social network
  • Gain a competitive advantage in the workplace
  • Expand your French vocabulary and conversational skills in different dialects
  • Access your courses on any device and learn anywhere, anytime
  • Add French as a language skill on your resume


No previous knowledge or experience required.

Estimated Course Duration

up to 100 hours (depending on your pace)


A personalized certificate to add to your resume or share on social media is issued on completion of each course.

What’s Included

The French Bundle includes a total of 4 courses plus quizzes and flashcards.

Example Certificate

Teach Ours Certificate Sample


Course features:

Full Lifetime Access

Available on Web

Certificate of completion