Hospitality 15 Language Bundle

Learn how to welcome your hotel guests in 15 top tourism languages



As a hotel guest’s first gateway to the local culture, hotelier staff serves as ambassadors of national heritage. If you have a customer-facing role, speaking a few words in different languages can skyrocket your career to the next level. It not only makes your guests feel welcome but also makes them feel at home. The better the experience, the higher the chances of them staying at your hotel again, and even recommending your property within their network.

Anyone with experience dealing with international guests or clients will agree that people immediately lower down their guard the moment they hear their native tongue being spoken, as it connects on a deeply psychological level, with the reassurance that their needs will be met. The good news is that research shows that 80% of the conversation is based on 20% of the language.

With our unique Hospitality Language Bundle, you will learn popular words and phrases in 15 top languages so you can confidently speak with your hotel guests.

Hospitality Language Bundle includes:

With our Hospitality 15 Language Bundle, you can:

  • Greet and welcome your hotel guests in 15 languages
  • Introduce yourself and others
  • Use simple phrases for check-in and check out
  • Ask for phone number and contact details
  • Talk about countries and where guests are from
  • Understand simple requests e.g. taxi, please
  • Use numbers 1-20 and colors
  • Talk about directions and locations
  • Talk about hiring a car
  • Simple recommendations
  • Tell the time

Benefits of Taking The Course

  • Build deeper and better connections with your guests
  • Create a more enjoyable experience for your guests by making them not only feel welcome but also at ease
  • Effectively communicate with all guests which will lead to positive word of mouth and repeat business
  • Gain a competitive advantage by adding language skills to your resume


No previous knowledge or experience required.


A personalized certificate to add to your resume or share on social media is issued on completion of each course.

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Course features:

Full Lifetime Access

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